hello there

I have finally reached the last year of my life where I will be considered a teen and I’m already searching for a time machine; yes that rhymed unintentionally and I am leaving it in. So I’m definitely in denial about being an adult because I could really do without my responsibilities right now. Not only are my taxes due in a month, but I have yet to return to college even though spring break was over as of the seventeenth.

Besides my lack of enthusiasm for adulting I have decided to tackle starting a blog yet again.

I’m sarcastic, have resting bitch face, and my attention span has only decreased over the years. However, I am quite a catch. I’m more loyal than a golden retriever, but I find myself in an endless pit of drama whether it is my fault or not. I swear I stir up trouble even in my sleep.

So this is quite a sorry excuse of an introduction/welcoming blog post, but this is how I want my posts to be. I want them to hold the truth about my life in its rawest form. My grammar definitely could use some work, but the point is that each post will be straight from my headspace into some sort of written form. I want to document the supposed ‘best years of my life’ while relieving some of my pent up thoughts.

In regards to the name ‘Certainly Obsessed’ well I am exactly that. I am certainly obsessed with writing, ranting, judging, etc. I could talk for days, so why not type it up to share with others.

With all of the above said, I just wanted to say hello. Welcome to my brain dump and I hope you stay and escape your own lives and dive into mine. I can guarantee it will make you feel an ounce better about any problem you may have because I bet mine are just as awful or maybe worse.

That is all for now.



summer thoughts

I’ve finally settled into being home from college, but honestly it doesn’t even feel like a vacation since I’m constantly anxious.

Just looking around me right now, I have piles of stuff from my college dorm and all of my clothes are in storage bins. Not to mention the heap of school papers I need to organize and recycle. But besides all of the physical clutter, my brain is equally frazzled.

Not only do I have to find a job, but I have to balance relaxing and meeting up with nagging friends. I’m very prone to pushing off making plans until the day before and then jam packing said day with about three different activities and different friends so I don’t have to go out multiple times in a week. But that’s a whole other problem I have with myself. Gotta love being an introverted extrovert. In addition to that, I have to settle my school plans of finalizing my major and minor ideas.

So that is what I wanna focus on in this post and if you have any ideas or comments about my plan please let me know.

Jumping right in, I have decided to keep my business management major and specialize in marketing, while minoring in graphic design. In my head, marketing and graphic design go hand in hand and there won’t ever be a decline in this field of work since advertising will always be a big role in our society. I also am really interested in the YouTube creator department that our technologically advanced world has created. I would kill to work for a content creator management company or as a personal graphic designer for creators. Aside from job opportunities I have also considered that my college doesn’t have an accredited business program. Because of this I am turned off of a business major and minor degree because I feel like companies will instantly rank me lower than other candidates. So then if I really wanted to go the solely business route then I feel like I should transfer to a better business based school. But as of now, transferring is too much work for little ole lazy me.

But the biggest issue I have with choosing an art minor are the questions “am I creative enough?” or  “do I even have what it takes?”. These questions plague me because I have always liked art and I do have an interest and skill set that I think I could utilize. But not everyone is cut out for constantly churning out designs and ideas. Also, with going into graphic design I am worried that I will be at a disadvantage to the rest as I have no prior digital imaging skills. So I will definitely have to put forth effort in learning how to use various editing apps. But I think that is the least of my worries because this is something I can learn… you can’t learn to be creative. So this might be one of the biggest college risks that I am making. And with that said I really should be looking into my school’s art department and adding a few classes to my fall schedule asap before they’re all full. But instead I am making plans to go to the zoo and catching up with a random.

With all of this written out I think that this might be the best game plan for someone like me. By that I mean a girl who really doesn’t like school but needs to graduate with some sort of degree that didn’t require too much actual work like science/math courses. But yeah if you have any suggestions please feel free to comment below because I would love to hear them.


party culture

College party culture is seriously something you can’t assume or pass up. It is a first hand experience that really adds to the whole ‘college experience’ package that everyone tries to sell you on. So let me preface this by telling you how dead my college is on the weekend. It is known that a lot of people go home for the weekends, so our most popular party day is Thursday. This also means if you hear about a party you should clear your schedule and make plans to go out because honestly you’re missing out if you don’t.

Also, going to a party does not mean you have to drink or do drugs. It is solely just somewhere for you to go with friends to dance and have a good time. But at the same time I guess parties aren’t for everyone so the choice is yours.

Anyways, this post is just to document my experiences in a bit of a list form.

ONEEye contact is the new consent: and this might sound a lot worse than I intend, but lets just go with it. So I’ve noticed that small glances, extended stares, or even just a room sweep will attract people to approach me; this is an awkward persons worse nightmare. Let me tell you any variation of “hi whats your name” “wanna dance” or “hey i’m -insert name-” kills me every time. Like I already have a hard enough time avoiding small talk in everyday situations, but at a party you’re all jammed into one small room. There really is no escape. But it’s okay…even though I haven’t perfected how to turn down a guy. So if you’ve ever been in this kind of situation please let me know how you handle them like a normal human being because every time I struggle with deciding between answering the person or pretending I didn’t hear them. But regardless I have never been pulled into things that I didn’t expect and the easiest way to send the message that you’re not interested is completely turning your attention to something else like getting a new drink, going to the bathroom, or simply talking to a friend you’re with.

TWO–Knowing people is always a godsend: and I am am the farthest from being considered popular. So the people I am referring to is either people involved with running the party or just peers in general. It is always nice to see familiar faces in a crowd of random sweaty people. But it is especially nice if you know people who are running the party because it just is. At my school all parties are off campus so rides back are either provided or cabs are called. So if you wanna be the last one leaving then go right ahead, but hey I know I like being bumped up on the list for the next ride. Small favors like this can really make your night better. In addition, just knowing other people at the party makes me feel a lot more at ease and it’s always nice to have someone you can approach easily. These people don’t even have to be friends; I have found that even seeing a classmate settles my nerves.

THREE–Regrettable moments happen: and they are only bad or awkward if you make it. Lets just say I’ve met people at parties who I never expect to see again after a night out, but there they are at the dining hall, in class, or just walking by. I swear after you meet someone you are more inclined to see them again randomly. So with that said be careful with who you hook up with because you will see them again. Or if you’re like me somehow you will have added that person on both Facebook and Snapchat so their stories or posts will definitely take you back to any awkward moments. But these moments can turn into something funny to look back on or just something to learn from. Lastly, nothing is a more blatant reminder of stuff you did the night before like a fresh hickey in the morning. But it’s okay they will fade just like any other stupid stuff you did.

Overall, going to a party is seriously a night to remember and a notch in the ole college belt that everyone should have. Like I said it may not be your thing, but it doesn’t hurt to try something new every now and again.




social interactions

I don’t think anyone realizes how important social interactions are until you’re plucked from your comfort zone and placed in a completely different setting. So I am constantly faced with awkward situations where I feel uncomfortable, yet I crave this. I really do want to make friends, but all I do is avoid situations where friendships are made. So attending a college without knowing a single person prior is truly daunting. But this has been challenging me in a good way.

Okay let me talk about my personality for a bit.

I’ve always had a core group of about 3-4 close friends. The people in this group has changed as I’ve grown older, but the most important thing is that they are my support system. I am the type to enjoy being alone, but I also like having friends who I know will always be there for me. I also admit to being needy, but who isn’t. It isn’t even the ‘needy’ in the sense that I need someone with me at all times, but more in the realm of having a friend with me is my safety net. I am instantly at ease if I am in a room with a friend even if we aren’t together. Even if it is a mutual friend, in the same room as me, I will generally be more comfortable and open.

So this all leads into why I enjoy my writing class… and it’s not for the writing.

My writing class is small and no bigger than 25 students. On the first day of class I realized a friend was in the class and I instantly perked up. Making eye contact and subtle jokes throughout class with this friend made the class time go by quicker even though we weren’t sitting together. But just these small interactions led me to feel more confident and open. Over time we had a few inside jokes that would come up and I found myself smiling or laughing randomly in class, which didn’t go unnoticed by others.

In no time I ended up sitting among four other students who actively included me in their banter or conversations. So after about two months of sitting through a class that felt like it lasted forever I finally looked forward to my evening class. I liked being able to rush in late and grab a seat among familiar faces. Although we don’t talk outside of class, it is nice to know that I have a handful of people from this class who are willing to talk with me.

And most recently I reached out to a classmate who I recognized from my building and orientation group. It was random and a spur of the moment. But little did I know, just by making the first move I had gained another friend. Just today he came in late and instead of trying to sit where he normally did he took the open seat next to me. We made small talk and he even noticed when I started to really lose focus. He even took the initiative to try and make me less bored by offering up games of tic tac toe.

So the point of this post is to say how important it is to talk to others even if it’s just during one class out of your whole week. I personally have issues with making friends and making the first move. But so far with every step I take closer to someone I am often rewarded; there isn’t a correct way to make friends, but it doesn’t happen if you don’t actively try. I am not a monster, I enjoy social interactions. However, I think a big part of my issue is confidence and mine fluctuates depending on the situation I’m in; but this is a whole other story.