hello there

I have finally reached the last year of my life where I will be considered a teen and I’m already searching for a time machine; yes that rhymed unintentionally and I am leaving it in. So I’m definitely in denial about being an adult because I could really do without my responsibilities right now. Not only are my taxes due in a month, but I have yet to return to college even though spring break was over as of the seventeenth.

Besides my lack of enthusiasm for adulting I have decided to tackle starting a blog yet again.

I’m sarcastic, have resting bitch face, and my attention span has only decreased over the years. However, I am quite a catch. I’m more loyal than a golden retriever, but I find myself in an endless pit of drama whether it is my fault or not. I swear I stir up trouble even in my sleep.

So this is quite a sorry excuse of an introduction/welcoming blog post, but this is how I want my posts to be. I want them to hold the truth about my life in its rawest form. My grammar definitely could use some work, but the point is that each post will be straight from my headspace into some sort of written form. I want to document the supposed ‘best years of my life’ while relieving some of my pent up thoughts.

In regards to the name ‘Certainly Obsessed’ well I am exactly that. I am certainly obsessed with writing, ranting, judging, etc. I could talk for days, so why not type it up to share with others.

With all of the above said, I just wanted to say hello. Welcome to my brain dump and I hope you stay and escape your own lives and dive into mine. I can guarantee it will make you feel an ounce better about any problem you may have because I bet mine are just as awful or maybe worse.

That is all for now.



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