party culture

College party culture is seriously something you can’t assume or pass up. It is a first hand experience that really adds to the whole ‘college experience’ package that everyone tries to sell you on. So let me preface this by telling you how dead my college is on the weekend. It is known that a lot of people go home for the weekends, so our most popular party day is Thursday. This also means if you hear about a party you should clear your schedule and make plans to go out because honestly you’re missing out if you don’t.

Also, going to a party does not mean you have to drink or do drugs. It is solely just somewhere for you to go with friends to dance and have a good time. But at the same time I guess parties aren’t for everyone so the choice is yours.

Anyways, this post is just to document my experiences in a bit of a list form.

ONEEye contact is the new consent: and this might sound a lot worse than I intend, but lets just go with it. So I’ve noticed that small glances, extended stares, or even just a room sweep will attract people to approach me; this is an awkward persons worse nightmare. Let me tell you any variation of “hi whats your name” “wanna dance” or “hey i’m -insert name-” kills me every time. Like I already have a hard enough time avoiding small talk in everyday situations, but at a party you’re all jammed into one small room. There really is no escape. But it’s okay…even though I haven’t perfected how to turn down a guy. So if you’ve ever been in this kind of situation please let me know how you handle them like a normal human being because every time I struggle with deciding between answering the person or pretending I didn’t hear them. But regardless I have never been pulled into things that I didn’t expect and the easiest way to send the message that you’re not interested is completely turning your attention to something else like getting a new drink, going to the bathroom, or simply talking to a friend you’re with.

TWO–Knowing people is always a godsend: and I am am the farthest from being considered popular. So the people I am referring to is either people involved with running the party or just peers in general. It is always nice to see familiar faces in a crowd of random sweaty people. But it is especially nice if you know people who are running the party because it just is. At my school all parties are off campus so rides back are either provided or cabs are called. So if you wanna be the last one leaving then go right ahead, but hey I know I like being bumped up on the list for the next ride. Small favors like this can really make your night better. In addition, just knowing other people at the party makes me feel a lot more at ease and it’s always nice to have someone you can approach easily. These people don’t even have to be friends; I have found that even seeing a classmate settles my nerves.

THREE–Regrettable moments happen: and they are only bad or awkward if you make it. Lets just say I’ve met people at parties who I never expect to see again after a night out, but there they are at the dining hall, in class, or just walking by. I swear after you meet someone you are more inclined to see them again randomly. So with that said be careful with who you hook up with because you will see them again. Or if you’re like me somehow you will have added that person on both Facebook and Snapchat so their stories or posts will definitely take you back to any awkward moments. But these moments can turn into something funny to look back on or just something to learn from. Lastly, nothing is a more blatant reminder of stuff you did the night before like a fresh hickey in the morning. But it’s okay they will fade just like any other stupid stuff you did.

Overall, going to a party is seriously a night to remember and a notch in the ole college belt that everyone should have. Like I said it may not be your thing, but it doesn’t hurt to try something new every now and again.





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