summer thoughts

I’ve finally settled into being home from college, but honestly it doesn’t even feel like a vacation since I’m constantly anxious.

Just looking around me right now, I have piles of stuff from my college dorm and all of my clothes are in storage bins. Not to mention the heap of school papers I need to organize and recycle. But besides all of the physical clutter, my brain is equally frazzled.

Not only do I have to find a job, but I have to balance relaxing and meeting up with nagging friends. I’m very prone to pushing off making plans until the day before and then jam packing said day with about three different activities and different friends so I don’t have to go out multiple times in a week. But that’s a whole other problem I have with myself. Gotta love being an introverted extrovert. In addition to that, I have to settle my school plans of finalizing my major and minor ideas.

So that is what I wanna focus on in this post and if you have any ideas or comments about my plan please let me know.

Jumping right in, I have decided to keep my business management major and specialize in marketing, while minoring in graphic design. In my head, marketing and graphic design go hand in hand and there won’t ever be a decline in this field of work since advertising will always be a big role in our society. I also am really interested in the YouTube creator department that our technologically advanced world has created. I would kill to work for a content creator management company or as a personal graphic designer for creators. Aside from job opportunities I have also considered that my college doesn’t have an accredited business program. Because of this I am turned off of a business major and minor degree because I feel like companies will instantly rank me lower than other candidates. So then if I really wanted to go the solely business route then I feel like I should transfer to a better business based school. But as of now, transferring is too much work for little ole lazy me.

But the biggest issue I have with choosing an art minor are the questions “am I creative enough?” or  “do I even have what it takes?”. These questions plague me because I have always liked art and I do have an interest and skill set that I think I could utilize. But not everyone is cut out for constantly churning out designs and ideas. Also, with going into graphic design I am worried that I will be at a disadvantage to the rest as I have no prior digital imaging skills. So I will definitely have to put forth effort in learning how to use various editing apps. But I think that is the least of my worries because this is something I can learn… you can’t learn to be creative. So this might be one of the biggest college risks that I am making. And with that said I really should be looking into my school’s art department and adding a few classes to my fall schedule asap before they’re all full. But instead I am making plans to go to the zoo and catching up with a random.

With all of this written out I think that this might be the best game plan for someone like me. By that I mean a girl who really doesn’t like school but needs to graduate with some sort of degree that didn’t require too much actual work like science/math courses. But yeah if you have any suggestions please feel free to comment below because I would love to hear them.



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